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🔌 How to Use Tesla's Internal Electricity for External Devices

Learn how to use Tesla's internal electricity to power external devices with this step-by-step guide. Purchase a power inverter, connect it to your Tesla, and start powering your devices.

How to Use Tesla's Internal Electricity for External Devices

A power inverter compatible with Tesla
Step 1: Purchase a Power Inverter
First, you need to purchase a power inverter that's compatible with your Tesla model. This device is used to convert the DC power from your car to AC power, which most external devices use.
An inverter plugged into a Tesla's 12V socket
Step 2: Connect the Inverter to Your Tesla
Next, plug the inverter into your Tesla's 12V socket. This is usually located in the center console or glove box.
A device being plugged into the inverter
Step 3: Connect Your Device to the Inverter
Now, plug your external device into the inverter. Make sure the device is turned off before you connect it.
A device being powered on
Step 4: Power On Your Device
Finally, you can turn on your device. The electricity from your Tesla is now being used to power it.

Unlocking the full potential of your Tesla goes beyond its impressive acceleration and high-tech features. Did you know you can also harness your Tesla's internal electricity to power external devices? Whether you're camping, tailgating, or simply need a backup power source, your Tesla can be more than just a mode of transportation—it can be your personal power station.

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