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🚗 Mastering Efficient Driving Habits for Your Tesla Model 3

Learn how to optimize your Tesla Model 3's battery life with gradual acceleration, regenerative braking, and maintaining a moderate speed. Play Tesla is your ultimate guide to efficient driving habits.

Mastering Efficient Driving Habits for Your Tesla Model 3

A foot gradually pressing down on a Tesla Model 3's accelerator pedal
Gradual Acceleration
Avoid sudden acceleration as it can quickly drain the battery. Instead, try to accelerate gradually to maintain battery life.
A Tesla Model 3 slowing down as the driver releases the accelerator
Utilize Regenerative Braking
When you release the accelerator, your Tesla will automatically slow down. This process converts kinetic energy back into electrical power, effectively recharging your battery while driving.
A Tesla Model 3 speedometer showing a moderate speed
Limit Your Maximum Speed
High-speed driving can significantly reduce your range. Try to maintain a moderate speed to optimize your battery usage.

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